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Here you can find out what this web site is all about in plain English. The most important aspects of the site and Glogonjski Rit will be described, with a relevant text and photos.

This web site is dedicated to Glogonjski Rit, a small place / estate, which is north suburb of Belgrade ( Serbia ), approximatelly 15km far from the Belgradeís central zone. Its population is about 1200 people, itís quiet and green, no traffic noise here at all, despite there are so many cars and only one main street. People are friendly and most of them knows each other personally. Itís very safe place.

Gamal Abdel Naser

Houari Boumediane

Haile Selassie

Sirimavo Bandaranaike

President Tito was a few times in Glogonjski Rit on its own during that period and each his visit was a huge event for the people of Glogonjski Rit. Here you can see an original photo taken on one of his visits to Glogonjski Rit.

Glogonjski Rit and its people were and are still proud nowdays of its history from that time, which is normally connected with much, much bigger places and towns. On top of that, as the most beautiful little place near Belgrade, Glogonjski Rit was visited at that time very often by many top national folk singers from former Yugoslavia, holding concerts for the people here.

Whatís the most special thing / fact about Glogonjski Rit ?

Well, during last century from 1950 - 1980 Glogonjski Rit was visited by many World Leaders / High delegations and by President of former Yugoslavia Tito on regular basis ! Imagine nowdays some well known World Leaders visit your place, from time to time ?

During the last century Glogonjski Rit was the most beautiful little place / estate near giant agrocultural company PKB, which was at that time among the 10 largest companies of its nature in Europe. President Tito used Glogonjski Rit as a typical labure estate, to show his World guests the cow farm and milk production, as well as beautiful estate itself. All that in order to show how people live quality life in comunist era and it may sound as a comunist propaganda but, the fact is . . people were living a quality life at that time !

Some of the World Top Leaders from that time who visited Glogonjski Rit : 

Glogonjski Rit was built since 1946, and nowdays Glogonjski Rit still looks good but, not as good as it used to be during the last century. Many buildings are very old and some are damaged and it will take some time to repaire it. People still care about Glogonjski Rit but again, not as much as it used to be during the time when this place was the most beautiful place near Belgrade.


Our football club LEPUSNICA, was established in 1981. and competes in a local Belgradeís league nowdays. Even the name of the club was taken from the word LEPO - LEPUSKASTO ( BEAUTY - BEAUTIFUL ), as Glogonjski Rit used to be exactly that at that time.

Primary school in Glogonjski Rit was well refurbished in 2013, and itís over 60 years old.

Pupils attend this school up to 4 year and after that they have to travel to nearby Padinska Skela where is a big school, in order to complete primary education.

We try and we hope to re-build Glogonjski Rit sooner rather then later, in order to re-gain our -beautiful- status from last century.

Glogonjski Rit has 2 main local food shops, which are both in central part of the estate. There is also one pub and one newsagent shop plus, one nursery school & medical ambulance.

Glogonjski Rit is directly connected to Belgrade via bus No 106 and it takes approx. 40min to reach north Belgrade.

Glogonjski Rit has its own little church which was built in early 1990s on the little hill which was specially created for the church. Itís open for the public use during certain events.

This is a local, big and beautiful sport centre, the home of FC Lepusnica and basketball court for the public use. The football ground and dressing rooms are behind, where also is the pub.

This web sajt was established for free in 2008, by Ivan Timotijevic (1963) who has grown up and used to live in Glogonjski Rit, until 1990 when he moved to London for further education.

He completed in London a School Of English and Computer studies. Since 1997, heís been working as a free-lance music video / multimedia producer.

He still maintains this web site for free, managing

to collect many historic facts about Glogonjski Rit and its people up to date. His work on this site was recognised and praised even by national TV in 2014. He still lives in London but, Glogonjski Rit is in his heart . . all the time . . forever . . .

NOTE : There is a section on the main menu called ĎG-WebTVí where you can watch LIVE videos about Glogonjski Rit and many top videos from London and Europe originally filmed and produced by Ivan Timotijevic.

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Huo Guofeng